Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday 21st February 2o11

Still chillin' in Stockholm City, sorry to rub it in to those who woke up with the Monday morning blues! It feels as though I have been here forever now; memorised the stations on my train route "home" from town, recognise Swedish brands and chains as familar and even understand the odd word of snatched conversations in the street. Hell it's gone as far as having discovered my favourite place to hang out, a little coffee house called "Wayne's" just outside "T
-Centralen" Station in the heart of the city. It's a wonderfully cosy retreat, right amidst the chilly winter air, the busy city dwellers and the bustling shopping street yet secluded enough to make me a spectator, rather than a subject.
I find silent satisfaction sitting tucked away in the warmth of a coffee shop, a mug of steaming hot chocolate under my nose, watching the world go by. It's like time comes to a halt while I reflect. What I have come to realise that is that I can be in any city, any where in the world - the principle is the same. Everybody is rushing, rushing in the morning to get themselves to work, rushing at lunchtime to refuel, and then rushing in the evening to get to the place or the person they can call their own. A city is never still.

What I haven't gotten too comfortable with here, are...GUESS? Yep, food prices!!!! OMG! This "steaming hot chocolate" of mine, along with a small slice of cake cost me 80 krona (GBP 8) ! I have to say I can't help but feel conned, a little flutter of disbelief after each meal or coffee I have had. We thought we might save some money buying groceries and cooking at home – cheaper yes, but cheap? No. If I don't come home soon, I'm either going to starve to death, or be forced to rob a bank. Period. :D xx

OH, did I forget to mention the candy store I went in today? Literally, I was "that" child let loose - every type of chocolate, lollipop, hard sweet, soft sweet, liquorice and candy cane under the sun. Absolute heaven.

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