Sunday, 21 August 2011

Facing Extinction

You know your social life is on the cusp of extinction when you start going home from a night out at 10pm; when you have to cut short long overdue girly gossip nights simply because you’re nodding off as your friend talks; or when you spend your day off hibernating despite a gloriously sunny 25 degrees outdoors. A full week of 5am starts have more than had their toll on me, but I am still in the process of convincing myself that this is just the start; I will gradually ease into it and get used to it. Right? I’ve had the laziest of lazy Sundays, effectively nursing myself out of fatigue and save a short walk to the shops (that too pick up macaroni cheese, whipped cream and glace cherries – how awful is that?!), I’ve not really ventured beyond the realms of my bedroom and kitchen.


I’m going to keep this one short as I’m feeling a little uninspired if anything. It’s been a long week of rows, realizations and reconciliations. To those still fasting for Ramadan, even in this heat, hats off to your conviction. For those queuing at the mandir today for a glimpse of Lord Krishna, well done for your courage and wishing you a happy Janmashtami. Condolences to the Arsenal fans out there and good luck to all the Murray fans. The house is smelling of freshly baked cherry cake as I type and my stomach is rumbling, so I’m off, for a very lazy evening to end my very lazy day. Here’s wishing you all a lovely end to the weekend. I do have a book to tell you about and some recipes to share, so I’ll be back tomorrow. Be good ‘til then ;)


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