Monday, 15 August 2011

Made in St. Albans

You know you live in the right part of the country when they choose your end to film something. Even if it is just an ad for the new Hyundai car, one that's only going to air in Korea. I mean it still must mean that either where you live is sort of nice, or it's "ghetto". But then St. Albans isn't very ghetto really, is it. It's rather snooty if anything. Quaint would be the word actually. Quite sleepy at times. So not really the place you'd expect any sort of set. As I ambled along on my mission to buy a teapot (details to follow, calm down!), I actually managed to walk past all the make-up vans and various other vans (help me out here, I don't know an awful lot about filming?!), bypass a hoard of people crowded around a camera or two and totally ignore a warden asking me to walk the other side of the pavement as they were "trying to get a shot". The situation only struck me as slightly out of the ordinary when I crossed paths with two men wearing more make up than me. Now that sure made me stare.

I've had a manic few days but I am really feeling back to my smiley best. Things are finally going right. I'm starting work from tomorrow so there's a slight possibility I blog around a little less… but hopefully not. Besides, I can imagine you're going to be waiting with eyes peeled for those details on my teapot. No? Ahhh, don't lie.



  1. these are great! yes i am waiting for details ... :) :)
    i have enjoyed discovering your blog very much , x sandra

  2. Very cute! Glad you're feeling back to your smiley best :) xo



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