Friday, 5 August 2011


Do you know what I absolutely hate about this weather? And please second me on this one if you agree. It has to be those damned creepy crawlies that invade in their masses. The little and the large, the furry and the leggy, the crawly and the… buzz..y?! Whatever - you name it and I guarantee there's one of them hidden somewhere in my house right now. Ever been trying to watch the TV in peace but that bee just keeps on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-ing past? Yeah? Or moved a book and found a huge web behind it? Even worse, the spider that goes with it? Or woke up to one dangling IN YOUR FACE?! How about this then - yesterday I was carrying a plate full of the yummiest, most delicious oozy-cheesy pizza into the living room for lunch. Obviously the only thing on my mind at the point was, well, getting to the comfy spot where I could sit and stuff face. So you can imagine my absolute horror when I smacked face-on into a MASSIVE spider just, y'know, casually hanging from the door frame, before it decided to SIT on my pizza. Urrrrrrrgh, disgusting creatures. Why don't they stay in their own house?

Y'know what, all I can say is thank God it's Friday! Even though I've had a whole week of doing…well, pretty much nothing, at least at the weekend I can do nothing without feeling guilty for it. I mean no-one works weekends, right?! I'm off for some Friday (no) fish and chips - must be the sign that a good weekend is about to begin. Happy Friday to you all!



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