Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Girl's Day Out

It was girl's day out today - the first in a long time for mum and I. Normally mum's Tuesday off is spent by the two of us catching up on the chores, shopping and cooking. Fun huh? Well, not today. There's been a slight lull in spirits of late, for more reason than one, so it was foot down on some 'me' time for the two of us. And off to Brum we ambled for a day of, exclusively, what else, shopping.

As it generally goes, the day we decide to take the train is the day there are lengthy ‘signal failure’ delays. But we finally got there, about an hour later than expected, albeit slightly hungry and stiff-legged. For those of you who don't know/ haven't been, Birmingham is no longer the dirty, shabbily industrialised, “first manufacturing town in the world” it used to be. Uh-uh. It's now the shining beacon of the West Midlands, an international commercial centre, gamma-world city and a shopper’s haven and hub away from the hub, London. Let's face it. London's massive. I mean it's tough working out where to start unless you KNOW where to start. But the Bullring... It's digestible. And that’s great if you’re anything like me - a ‘mission shopper’ who knows that they want to buy and doesn’t want to get confused/bored searching. There’s a balanced mix of high-street and designer stores sandwiched between a huge Debenham’s and epic Selfridge’s (complete with conveyor belt sushi, a Krispey Kreme counter AND a cup cake stall) in a rather state of the art building, making for an iconic shopping destination in my opinion. And if you’ve not had enough by this point, fear not for you can just venture outside onto a more traditional high street set up too - New Street, topped off with a rather lovely fountain (great for when your gasping in 27 degrees of heat) in which you can dip your feet. You might be interested to know that Birmingham is also home to more miles of canals than Venice that link back to it's more industrial days - but they’ve been majorly cleaned up and do make for a rather nice walk too.

Highlight of the day - has to be that Jane Norman was open?! I thought they went into administration and stores closed down promptly, a la Woolworths? Apparently not, all clothing at 70% discount, I was like a kid in a candy store :D Say no more... X

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  1. I'm a "mission shopper" too! Glad you got to have a girls' day out. We all need those now and then.



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