Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Week in Pictures



1. As you know, many religions run according to calendars of their own, parallel to the bog-standard, universal calendar used worldwide. So you have lunar calendars, solar calendars, luni-solar calendars, calendars synchronised to the motion of Venus and so on and so forth. Hinduism’s no different, operating according to a luni-solar time mapping of it’s own. And according to that calendar, we're currently in what Hindus consider the holiest month of all - Shraavana. A little bit like Ramadan many followers fast during this month. I can’t say our family is particularly religious, but I s’pose purely out of habit since childhood, mum fasts and makes a special effort to visit the temple during this month. A special effort to take me along with her too of course. And whilst the Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple of Watford is usually crowded to the point of overflowing, it’s wrapped in a blanket of peace first thing on a Monday morning - my mum’s prescribed medicine for my so-called impatience and slightly unsettled mind of late. Can’t say she was far off because really, it’s a serene sanctuary of spirituality that just gives you time, and space, to reflect.

2. An absolute baking staple - sugar cookies. They’re quick to prepare and even quicker to cook, and if you’re a bit of a novice in the baking business, you can bet your money that you won’t mess these up. I spent a wonderful afternoon baking these (and a horrifyingly chocolatey chocolate cake - think choc sponge, choc filling, choc icing) with my best friend. Try them and let me know how you get on.

3. Spicy bean quesadillas for dinner.

4. I’ve had interview after interview this week. I’m yet to hear back from any of them, but this one, by far, has to be the best. It’s a country house hotel. I don’t want to jinx it by babbling on, but let’s see.

5. And I have been accepted to study at the LSE.

6. Soooooooo after what has been a very long, and eventful, week of hard work, I can easily say I am happier than I have been in a while. I’m finally making the changes to my life, and myself, that I think are essential for me to be able to move and really begin living again. Every time I feel low, I remember two very essential words my Latin teacher taught me. And it’s not so much about the words as it is about the way she said them, with utmost conviction. She was an incredible woman with a voracious appetite for life and love for her profession. What is the point in running from work to home, home to work, if it doesn’t give you any pleasure whatsoever? You have to do what you love, and love what you do. Carpe diem, she’d say. Carpe diem. It’s rakhi today, an Indian festival of sorts that celebrates the relationship between a brother and sister. A bit like mother's day, or father’s day but for brothers and sisters. It means presents for me, a nice meal out for my brother... who’s complainin’ ey?! See y’all later!



  1. Stumbled upon your blog .... You've had a busy week! :) Good Luck with the job search .. All that baking is making my hungry now!

    ♡ from ©

  2. Thank you very much Tanvi! hope you're having a lovely weekend... try the cookies if you have time; they are so easy and SO tasty! xxx

  3. that looks like an amazing foody week!

    Congrats on getting accepted to LSE too, that's brilliant!

  4. This looks like a pretty good week! Food is always great!

    And congrats on being accepted to LSE!

  5. @Harriet It has indeed been a very foody week. But then cooking and eating with friends and families is one of the little pleasures in life? Thank you for your kind words too!

    @Raquel thank you very much... lol, i can's disagree with you, food indeed is always great!

  6. ooo i had no idea about shraavana. that makes so much more sense now :) all the temples have been packed here lately!

  7. @ yup, here too! there's like a million hindu festivals in the space of this one month.



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