Monday, 13 August 2012

An Instagram Obsession

I really love, like reeeeeeeeally love Instagram! What, you hadn't noticed? Shhhhh, I know my blog is an Instagram overload. But hush. I can't remember the last time a social networking obsession lasted this long for me (yes, okay, BAR Facebook). It must be true love.
As I scroll through the saved photos on my phone, I'm amazed at the number of meaningful moments I've captured. Sure, there are a ton of snaps of pasta and the sky too but even those make me smile. Really though, there are so many of Sav and I from our first year together that literally would not exist were it not for this silly iPhone app.
I take photos practically everyday but it's only recently I realised I don't reach for my camera too often anymore. And at that point I had a perspective switch. I started to think of my camera and my phone as equals. Sure, quality is not equal... but accessibility makes up for it. They both have serious advantages. I love this. It's EASY. I find myself getting more creative too due to the limitations of a phone camera. It's a hobby that doesn't demand much time at all and I'm documenting life along the way. 
Win-win? Yes-yes. What are your thoughts? 


  1. Cameras are there for to capture and remember the moments of life/bliss we would like to remember whether good or bad. A hobby that nonetheless leaves a smile on tour face when you can look back and remember such moments so enjoy.

    1. Definitely agree, photography is a hugely rewarding hobby :) Thank you xx



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