Saturday, 18 August 2012

Really Round Rotlis


Part 2 of the Indian Meal Series. Here goes, just a two point tutorial today. Firstly, if there's anything, really, that's going to deter you from hitting the kitchen running, it's trying to get these round. Take it from my sous chef. Boy, did he try. I think the picture says it all ;)However, that very old cliche, practice makes perfect blah blah, unfortunately stands true here. Your saving grace? A higgledy-piggledy chappati tastes exactly the same as a round one. No tension-vension.

A chapatti, (or rotli as known in a my house, roti in Punjabi counterparts) is a (hopefully) round, thin flatbread from India, traditionally made with wholemeal flour and cooked on a flat skillet over a high heat. They're super simple to make - just atta (chapati flour), water, a pinch of salt and a little oil, though the last two are entirely optional. The ingredients need to be mixed to a firm dough, left for 30 odd minutes to make for easier rolling and then you're off and away! You roll 'em out thin (and round, if you can) and dry-fry them. Done. They're part of any quintessential Gujarati thali and ideal because you can use them to scoop up the various curries. Nom nom.


Point 2: The Gujarati Salad. Yerrrrr, we don't do lettuce. My grandma would say it's like eating grass. Remember what ours looked like? Onion, tomato and cucumber, finely diced, in equal proportions. Then add a splosh of olive/vegetable oil, a splish of lemon juice, a dash of black pepper and a touch of jeera (ground coriander) powder. Yes, we spice our salad, before you remark. Try it though, it for sure tastes good! 

I'm off to make the most of a sunny day - so until tomorrow, it's over and out! Have a great weekened. 


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