Wednesday, 5 September 2012

a Nine to Sixer

It's official. The ninetosix has gobbled up me and my propensity to blog. Well, that and uni prep, job #2, trying to keep fit, maintaining some semblance of a social life and of course the ever-persisting struggle to keep at least 1 square metre 1 square cm of my bedroom floor visible (trust me, mess just seems to... make itself :/). The battle I'm losing? Spending some time here, on my little corner of the WWW. I've been getting used to the new rhythm of my life, settling in to new routines with new people. But I'm here now, half apologetic, half energetic, rearing and ready to go. Book reviews, food reviews, two planned city breaks and maybe some more to share - for now though (give me a break, it's 6 in the morning!), that will be all. 


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