Thursday, 20 September 2012

Why Everyone Must Meet Barfi!


Barfi!, named thus because the main character is a deaf-mute charmer called Murphy (only when asked his name, he proceeds to respond in high-pitched excitement, "Barfi!) is possibly THE most heart warming film I've EVER seen. High praise, I hear you murmur, but really, this boy is my Bollywood Sweetheart. Set in Darjeeling in the 1970s (clean, serene and absolutely breathtaking), it unfolds as a touching love story, punctuated, alas by superb Charlie-Chaplin slap-stick style sequences. The icing on the cake - the girl on the right - a former Miss World (who'd have known) who plays the beautiful, innocent, autistic Jhilmil. 

And before you say you can't watch it because you don't understand Hindi, I'll remind you it's about a DEAF-MUTE Murphy. Excuse annulled. Besides, love knows no language... right?! :D


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