Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Nine Eleven, Of Course

Yes, I'm a bit predictable (bar the week-long silence, what was that all about?!) but you can't get to 9/11 and not sense that residual regret for what happened and of course what ensued. A friend posted a fabulous status today and I really thought, "you know what, she's so right". 

"Eleven years ago today I remember not understanding the significance of this event. A plane crash thousands of miles away meant little to me. Now, I understand how this day impacted all our lives and how we are all shaped by its consequences. We remember."

The Tribute in Light is a huge reminder of what we lost, collectively, that day. Loss is a funny one to deal with too, because most of the time we only realise what's gone when it's already too late. 

On the flip-side though, 11th of September also marks the birth of solidarity - of realisation that no matter how hard we're hit, we have to move forward. So that's why I'm here today; it's my new start too - finally getting used to the madness in the office but seriously missing my time with my beloved blog. Of course now that I've waffled on for ages, I'm going to part with you at this point - but I will be back tomorrow with lots of pretty (/drool-tool) pictures. Later this week, book review(s), recipes and random escapades.

Until next time ;) 


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