Saturday, 29 September 2012

a Week in Instagrams


I know I've been pants at posting and it's no excuse but I guess it's been a week of... adjustment, of sorts. You know, settling in, getting used to doing everything for myself. It's been enjoyable though - making the flat to feel homey, spending time with my flat mate and munching many-a-goat's-cheese salad with the boy. The best part? The covered bit of the balcony where I can stand and watch the rain. 

Though there does seem to be a black hole in my bedroom, it's eaten about four of my possessions already. :/ Once we've got the broadband up and running (one of the aforementioned 'eaten' possessions, the set-up CD) I promise I'll be back for better. 'Til then, have a great weekend.


1 comment:

  1. i love the first pic and i would die for the food on pic two. nom nom.

    bonnie + kleid

    you should check out my new blog. it's even better than the old one. haha.



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