Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Monday 28th February 2o11

Craaaaaaaaaaazy busy day! Among others, today was the day for...

... a new hairstyle at last! A weight off my shoulders, quite literally, I love the feeling as I run my fingers through my hair, now all one colour. Gone are the length and the highlights, and gone with them is some excess baggage, the negativity of days gone by. After all a haircut isn’t just a haircut. It’s a renewal of your reflection, a redefinition of who you are, how you choose to carry yourself and how others perceive you too.

... a wonderful gossip with a great friend and old work colleague, Sarah, a catch up on what we’ve missed and a recollection of some happier times. Topics discussed include the “annoyingness” of men, the frustrations of (long-distance) relationships and why women are ALWAYS right (so much more reliable, mature, organised...) = an afternoon very well spent!

...some DIY, fixin’ up my mum’s new kitchen table.

...my first driving lesson on an “A” road. Thought I’d be scared s***less, but boy was I cruising...absolutely wicked fun, and I just can’t wait to pass my test now!

...and finally my first day back at work after rather a long break. I’d forgotten that I actually quite enjoy my job (perks include tons of chocolate cake and hot chocolates :D) as well the company of my colleagues. A job is a job, and those who have one I guess are lucky – all in all a wonderfully productive day.

Perhaps I forgot to mention the best part of all. But that will be my secret...

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