Thursday, 29 March 2012



Well as they say, all good things come to an end - so as we wound up the last of his holidays and my freedom (I'm now near enough a month away from my first exam - though I may as well be on summer break, the way I've been gallivanting!), we decided on Monday to do it with a bit of a bang; when you were younger, nothing quite denoted "school holidays" like a trip to the theme park - and so we thought, why the hell not?

As a kid, I can't say I loved theme parks; while my brother dragged us from ride to ride, I'd stand, nervous and wary, counting the loops and turns, watching peoples' distorted expressions, assessing whether or not I could hack it - soon enough butterflies and a mild sensation of fear would take grip so mum and I'd be left peering up at the huge loops and big falls, waiting, as dad (unwillingly, trust me) and brother were whizzed around. So I quite surprised myself on Monday, then, when I started on Stealth, which accelerates from 0-80mph in under two seconds. It felt like the undoing of 22 years of unnecessary hang-ups. #soproudofmyself! Wishing you all a sunny Thursday.


Tickets for Thorpe Park cost a ridiculous £42 pp - make sure to shop around, 2for1 deals are often easy to come by. Alternatively, booking online and in advance can save you some pennies. We learnt this the hard way.

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