Sunday, 4 March 2012

To Eat, To Drink, To See

Yes, it's been a while but I'm back. A long-overdue trek to Westfield's in White City has me craving patatas bravas, wanting a tiffany's jewel and of course coveting a Chanel #dreamon. Either way, the inspiration I've been lacking is slowly but surely seeping back into my life. So here's a bit of a picture (/food) diary of my past few days. Starring in the lead roles are Sticky Toffee, Cheese Cake & The Fry Up. Hoping you're all making the most of this drizzly weekend.

To Eat - At the forefront of my mind, at all times, is good dessert. A mediocre main, I can settle for, but get my taste buds tingling with the afters and you've definitely won yourself a loyal customer. Topping my list at the moment is Cafe Rouge, with their rare and rich crème brûlée. As much as I love my chocolate fudge cakes, sometimes a little change doesn't go amiss. And a good crème brûlée is a precious sighting these days; its all about the profiteroles, fudge cakes and cheesecakes. Way to go, Cafe Rouge.

To Drink - A (not so) recent stint at Wagamama's - it's been four weeks now that I think about it! - introduced me to the wonders of plum wine; topped up with sparkling and served on ice, it's sweet, refreshing and of course ever so slightly alcoholic.

To See - With summer fast approaching, days of city-wandering, long balmy nights spent eating and of course holidays spring to mind. Do you ever think 'Oh my gosh, it's been a whole year already since…." and start reminiscing? Sometimes it feels like there's so much to do, so much to see and such little time; so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of the world this year, starting with Amsterdam in two weeks time. Have you started planning a summer getaway yet?





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