Saturday, 31 March 2012

To See, To Do, To See



It’s official - the sunny spell is over. What are the odds that that was actually the full extent of our British summer? Yeh… I wouldn't put millions against it. So did you guys make the most of it? We definitely did - two weeks packed with fun and frolics, gallivanting and giggling; from Camden to Amsterdam, from Taco Bell to the zoo. We managed to catch numerous movies (very rare when he's working) and even squeeze in a picnic. Here's this week’s To See, To Do, To See for you.

To See: If you're feeling glum, bummed, depressed, down and out or just a little bit low (we were tired, this works too), 21 Jump Street is a must see. It's a complete no-brainer that had us in stitches every two minutes - the icing on the cake? The presence of fittie Channing Tatum (think Dear John, yum yum); so in case the humour's just a little boorish for you girls out there, you know you've got eye candy to tide you over. 9/10

To Do: My new number 1 for spending those long, warm afternoons has to be picnicking - embarrassingly enough, this sunny spell saw me have my first adult picnic (by which I mean before this, my only recollection was of sitting on dad’s knee as a pig-tailed, frilly-dressed-and-socked little girl) - sandwiches jammed up, basket piled high, we chose Shenley Cricket Club for our picnic in the park.

To See: If you've been half awake for even half a second over the past fortnight, you can't have missed news on the film that's breaking all box-office records; The Hunger Games. Based on a novel by the same name, the film stars Jennifer Lawrence as a teen forced to compete in a televised death match against other youths in a future North American society where a privileged Capital city oppresses the people of 12 outlying worker districts. Thrilling yes. But in my opinion, predictable as well. 7.5/10


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