Thursday, 1 March 2012


Some days, when all inspiration eludes me, I seriously wonder if I should quit blogging. For want of better terminology, I think I'm suffering a severe bout of blogger's block. I don't know if it's the dread of fast-approaching exams, the preoccupation of fighting to make life what I want it to be or just lack of time that's brought it on; but I feel like I've lost my way.

When I'm really down-and-out though, I quickly realise that I use this blog as my little excuse to seek inspiration. So giving it up would only make a bad situation worse. So bear with me, if you can, and trust that I will be back; I have a city-break (or two) planned for this month, plenty of restaurants I intend to tell you about and the usual rants about life, love and what made me laugh. For now though, pinch punch and all that to you; Happy 1st of March.


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