Saturday, 7 July 2012



So The Amazing Spider Man really is pretty Amazing. Not so amazing (or amusing) that I fell asleep intermittently throughout. But then that's what Friday nights are for… dozing before the (very huge, public, interesting-new-movie-showing) TV (that I paid to be in front of).. right? Either way, I enjoyed the parts I caught; surprisingly it had a huge amount of female appeal for rom-com-chick-flick addicts like me (think geeky college kid trying to win over his crush *awwwww*). Plus Andrew Garfield is rather cute. Win-win. 

I love Saturday mornings. The sleep debt has been paid and it's the one morning of the week I find myself alone, even if only an hour or so. I have time to watch endless reruns of Friends, assemble a solitary, self-indulgent breakfast and crawl back into bed afterwards, too full to move. Which is my current position, at the time of writing. Today: Cake, Run, Lunch, Sheesha, Cuddles. See you tomorrow. 


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