Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Man of the Hour


Hi everyone,

It’s Quiche with a Q. Sim’s been busy recently so I’ve been delegated responsibility to blog for the day which she doesn’t really know about (I delegated myself). I dunno what she usually talks about but Ima tell you about myself.

I’m the up and coming pharmacist you’ll be seeing on the front page of The Times for the cure of the common cold… but I’ll tell you a little secret now. *whispers* Just sleep a lot and bunk off work – you’ll be good in two days. But don’t tell anyone, coz this is gonna make me rich, like fortune 500 rich. **

But until my riches, I currently squat, hoping my rights will come in a few years time to be owner of this lovely flat of Sim’s (a.k.a. Miss Raj). For now, I’m stuck making Brownies.

You now know I’m a genius in pharmacy as well as squatter’s rights. Another hidden talent – telling the future. Some call it b*llshit (mind my language) - others call it magic. I call it my street act and I’m telling y’all now, day after tomorrow's gonna happen. I tell you, I see the future. And I do recommend watching the movie, I give it a ten out of ten.

‘Til next time Sim leaves her mac unattended (trust me, I know it’s gonna happen, I seen the future) I’m getting’ the f*ck outta here.

Quiche Man


  1. haha this is brilliant KK and written so bloody well! i was hooked within the brilliant opening line "It's Quiche with a Q"

    why dont you set up your own blog, you have a regular reader already in me! I'm convinced it would be very exciting if not side spliting-ly funny!

    Bhav x

    p.s. im loving the chicness of this blog...

  2. like your blog.
    I subscribed to you
    hope for reciprocity



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