Monday, 22 October 2012

A New Love

One advantage of having a single-mindedly Italian-Indian eating boyfriend (well, technically cheese-eating, favourites being macaroni cheese, margherita pizza & paneer), is that while he orders something similar every time we go out to eat, I have the time and leisure of working your way through the entire [vegetarian part of any given] menu. So none of that having-to-choose-between-two-mains-you-reeeeeally-want-and-never-knowing-what-the-other-would've-been-like quandary. Good for a curious consumer like me, I hear you think. 

On the flip-side, though, it means we rarely frequent non-cheese serving establishments. Namely sushi bars ("why would you wanna eat raw vegetables?!?!"), Thai, North African, Spanish etc etc etc. Yerrrrr, not too big on the Extra Mature British Cheddar Cheese in those regions, I'll be honest with you. So truth be told, on the rare occasions I slip out for a meal with one of my girls or work colleagues or school friends, trying something completely different is a real treat. 


Take Friday for example - off I was whisked for a Thai meal in Abbot's Langley at one of those few restaurants which scores 5/5 on Trip Advisor almost every time; Pin Wei. Sometimes I tend to steer clear of cuisines that I know use a lot of meat in their dishes because I assume that any vegetarian option they might offer will assimilate the 'Chicken Tikka Masala' story - devoid of any authenticity. Alas, a plate full of spring rolls and some noodles later, all inhibition is blown out of the water. The food was amazing, light and fresh, and I spied rice from a bamboo steamer for the first time in my life - enlightened. I'm a little scared I might have sparked up one love affair too many... after all, how much can one girl eat?!


P.S. Mr Boyfriend, if you're reading this, Prezzo dates with you are the best thing ever ;) This most definitely isn't a complaint but a mere observation that by veering away from our Italian Indulgences, albeit temporarily, I'll continue to appreciate them forevermore. So please keep the Cannelloni coming. Ty. 

Pin Wei Restaurant, 35 High Street, Abbots Langley, Herts, WD5 0AA


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