Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Top of the Pots

Now that I'm a one man army (two at times but dinner tends to be staggered in the flat as we show up home at varying times), it can be difficult figuring out what to cook. How tempting is it to just shove on some toast and be done with it?

The inconvenient prophylactic for CBA syndrome? An inopportune stomach growling in the dead of night when you're too hungry to sleep but too tired to do anything about it. Know the feeling?

Coming up to a month since I moved though, I'm definitely forming new routines - with regards to what's on the menu, there are definitely regulars (à la carte, I'd like to think) and then the specials that creep in at weekends or on days off when I really have time to cook, rather than assemble a meal.

The four fast-but-filling familiars: 


1. Tomato Soup with salad and croutons. Mmmmm.

2. Pasta (yes, okay, predictable). Forget faffing with sauces though... you ever tried cream cheese with a spritz of lemon and oregano?

3. Good breakfast = good mood. I'm fast becoming a porridge addict - try it with yogurt and fruit, cream and dark brown sugar or ice-cream sauce (naughty, I know). Don't judge me for saying it's just as tasty at dinner time... 

4. An old boyfriend used to make the nicest creamy potato curry - it was SO flavourful that its taste is etched still in my mind. Lo and behold, I HAD to get my hands on the recipe (obviously tamper it to rid the fridge of spare vegetables) and see if I could replicate it. Good call, will most definitely share. 

More tomorrow. 


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