Monday, 15 October 2012

Memory Lane

It's funny how certain places hold such vivid memories of times gone by, don't you think? It can often be a memory that has long left your conscience but it's as though the town, the park, the road you once walked has it retained and seeks to remind you of the good times, as a nostalgic friend might, each time you return. I was stood waiting for a bus outside the Galleria today when I had one of those 'flash-flood memory' moments - that one summer afternoon a friend and I cycled 30 miles to raise a little dosh for charity - a charity I no longer remember the name of with a friend I no longer know. My only recollection? Fits of giggles, scorching sunshine and for lack of planning(/desire to plan a route), cycling up and down, up and down the same track between St. Albans and Hatfield in an attempt to clock up the 30 miles that no-one was ever really going to check anyway. 

I'm sorry for the AWOL by the way - in between uni + work + own washing/cleaning/cooking (muuuuuuuuuum.....) it's the first time I've even had a moment to write something I want to. Back now though with the promise of prompter posting - thank you for sticking with me guys. Hope you've had a lovely weekend. 


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