Wednesday, 24 April 2013

sl Days Out: Alchemy at the Southbank

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So now. Before I ended up marvelling at the marathon in a brief but eye-opening moment of enlightenment, the fundamental reason for my so bravely foraging into London on Sunday in the first place. 

Alchemy at the Southbank Centre, I find out in hindsight, is now in it's fourth year running (almost at a close now though) - a celebration and summation of absolutely everything I love about the Indian subcontinent; vibrant explosions of colour in the way of art & fabric exhibitions, hustling-bustling crowds, highly skilled performers and then some. Of course if you've gathered anything in the time you've spent reading along with me, you'll probably have guessed what I found to be the crowning glory... Yup, THE most spicy, mouthwateringly tasty Indian food market you can imagine. Sizzling pau bhajis & refreshing lassi, pani puri prepared as you eat and clay-pot chai - HEAVEN. 

  As luck would have it, of course, I happened to be the very last Londoner to learn of this little treasure's existence... Friday, to be precise, which was exactly...err one day before the festival's last weekend. Bit of a 'do or die' situation really. Go on over and have a nose around the website, I think I've gotten back to you in the nick of time should you fancy catching the tail end - I'll be back tomorrow with some more. 


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 photo 74e7908b-3098-445e-8014-1f3b2d95d964_zps93686ae8.jpg photo 19735f15-de01-4af2-bc05-890a5036eef5_zps203faaa2.jpg
 photo 21b5995c-c938-4409-9559-63e2ff45264a_zpsd71f004c.jpg
 photo f9e62523-794a-435b-8122-52865a1cf537_zps4e2f6b5e.jpg photo 91110f9d-3d80-461d-86a3-2abc11735d01_zps42b6881b.jpg
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Visit the Southbank Centre on Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XX. Closest tube station: Waterloo. 

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