Wednesday, 10 April 2013

g.i Joe: A Newfound Woe?

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So. The other day. We rocked up at the cinema to watch Django Unchained. Only to find, of course, that we'd left it just a liiiiiitle too late (3 months, to be precise) and shows were really rather few and far between. Our options there and then - G.I. Joe, Spring Breakers, G.I. Joe 3D. A scratch of the head, a stroke of the chin & a quick read of some reviews... and G.I. Joe it was. I KNOW, *shock, horror*, I'm supposed to be the rom-com-chick-flick-gal and this is something I wouldn't have been caught dead watching - not even for free on TV (while we're at it we can throw Sci-Fi + Super Heroes into that category too). G.I Joe? Really....? I hear ya, BUT. Stop. Wait. Don't jump to conclusions for there is a 'but'. 

'Don't knock it 'til you've tried it' is the approach that's always worked for me. Now, in my family, for some unbeknowest or potentially non-existent reason there is a huge adversity to films of the aforementioned genres. So I guess I never really got into them. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, The Matrix, Star Wars.... naaaaaaahhhh *change the channel*. It's said though that you can discover a lot about yourself through new challenges and adventures (okay, okay, this wasn't exactly either of those... but it was 'foreign territory' of sorts). And here's the thing. What I've learnt whilst watching films and subsequently blogging about them - time to confess. 

1. I've come enjoy more than the odd Bond every so often in terms of good, slick, action packed entertainment - read here, you'll understand. (I'm sort of coming round to the idea of Super Heroes too...but...don't tell anyone, shhhhhhhh.)

2. I would make, quite possibly, the worst film critic in the history of the whole entire world, like EVER. Lets put it this way - I seem to like something about everything so there's nothing bad to say about anything - I'm simply far too easily amused! Oh dear. 

Thus, I hereby scrap my claim that I post condemning & critical film reviews - pahhh, who'm'I kidding? All you'll find here are reasons to give every film a chance... lest you miss out! Back to G.I.Joe - here are your reasons ;)

1. Rip-roaring action & mind-blowing explosions delivered by tough, beefy stars...

2...The Rock

3...& Bruce Willis...

4...& if they don't do it for you, a token hot chick too...

5...and finally entertainment that doesn't require you have your thinking cap on - mindless, escapist and fun.

Give it go - it supposedly kicks the first one's booty (not that I had any idea there was a first). 


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