Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lounging at The Grove

 photo 19841b7d-4821-4295-ab57-16b7d8a6874d_zps72f9c534.jpg

If you've ever been to The Grove, Watford, you'll know what I mean when I say it's possibly the closest thing to perfection in terms of a venue - huge stately mansion, a rolling green golf course, lush beige interiors, stunning light features and an exotic flower arrangement on every sparkling surface. Painstaking effort is put into delivering seamless service where no detail is insignificant, no request an inconvenience. It's pretty easy to lose yourself just gazing at all the beauty, almost like you've left behind the rest of the world and found yourself a little piece of paradise, a place of peace.

Not that I'm the big white fairytale type, but I'm sure it would more than suffice... as long as I'm prepared to be homeless for the following few years. Or I'm lucky enough to win the lottery. Wish me luck ;)


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