Wednesday, 10 April 2013


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The half-mast has most certainly brought a sombre sense of retrospect to the City, be it good or bad. Indeed, the Metro managed to dedicate an entire 15 page spread to the Iron Lady yesterday so it's just as well I spent much of my day shuffling around on the tube - more on that tomorrow - with enough time (+ space, it was off-peak thankfully!) to catch up on the diversity of reactions. Compounded with the dreary drizzle + soggy jeans laden, cling-filmy raincoat swathed tourists (who arrive in the truckloads with hopes of a warm April, alas!), I think this photograph, taken yesterday at Somerset House, summed up the general mood of both the media and the metropolis (not mine though, heeeeell no. My toes are tappin' as I'm typin'!). But for today, that's all. 


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