Saturday, 20 April 2013

Spring, at Last !

 photo bc05ef62-0cd6-4d4d-9215-c8a222c1d6d7_zpsf52de453.jpg

Another week, another AWOL... and as you probably anticipated, another apology! Sowie with cream cheese icing and a cherry on top :(. Other than the same ol' "been there, heard those" excuses (y'know the ones I mean - work, university, exams, chores blahhhh....) I have few weapons for my self defence. BUT. LUCKILY. My stats have been telling some comforting secrets aaaaaand *wipes sweat from forehead, breathes sigh of relief* I see many of you still haven't given up hope that I'm always gonna bounce back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed just for you (Why thank you!) SO. Here I am again, ready to rock 'n' roll chit-chatter 'til I'm pouring out of your ears.

Stay tuned. G'weekend to y'all.


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