Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday 15th April 2o11

I’m.... what’s the word? Dead on my feet, all tuckered out, out of gas, zonked out, ready to throw the towel in...I mean, just tired y’know? Knackered actually. I can feel my head inching closer and closer to the keyboard with every minute that passes, eye-lids drooping further and further, and it’s not even après-lunch yet! It’s been two days of 6am wake ups and 11pm finishes at work, and I’m ready to just jet-set off to “Paree” for my relaxing weekend get-away. Sip “vin” on the Seine and have petit-dejeuner in bed. Yeeeeah, okay, I’m lying. I wish. Three guesses how you think I might be spending my weekend?

....Oh, first time lucky! Yup yup yup, working again indeed. Urgh, work, work and work. I’m looking forward to finishing this evening and heading out for a while tonight; it’s always nice to chill on a Friday night, though I wish it wasn’t going to be pretty much the pinnacle of my weekend lol. But never mind! It seems the weather’s going to be vaguely “Mediterranean”, will just bask in the glory of that ;) Happy Friday to you all! xxxxxx

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