Thursday, 21 April 2011

Thursday 21st April 2o11

Last day today of almost three 7-day weeks and I’m SO excited about having a lie in tomorrow it’s almost sad... but then consecutive 6am alarms aren’t really too much fun.

It’s my last day, also, in Old Street today. Every time I have set foot out of the underground station a beautiful new development of flats has towered over me, ominously – and I have to say, living in one of them, one day, is a dream. London is just SO expensive though, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s over-populated, over-hyped by foreigners, and really got something to it (I almost feel like I should rename this blog “the London diaries”, the amount I seem to harp on about it.) But really, London, whoever you are, and wherever you’re from, is a city you can make your own, call your own. YouGov has been great experience and fortunately for me it looks like I will continue writing for the site once a week.

At the moment it feels as though I’m living a cycle I’m just unable to break out of. I wake up, everyday, hoping to feel better, to have forgotten some of the past. But it never happens; I realise though, that as much as I wish it would stand still for me, time is moving on, and so too is the world. So from me, for now, it’s over and out. xxx

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