Thursday, 14 April 2011

Thursday 14th April 2o11

Not a happy bunny today. I finished work at the hotel well after 11pm last night, only to wake up at 6 again this morning, get showered, dressed and “breakfasted” before dashing out the door for work at 9am in the city. Same drill today, straight to work after work - I think I have become a workaholic. :/ I wasn’t best pleased to set foot in the damp drizzle this morning either, upon emerging from the underground in Old Street, grrrrr. It wasn’t raining in Watford! Moan over, feel better :)

I’m really starting to enjoy my time at YouGov now, feel like I’m getting into the swing of things... y’know? And of course there’s the silent satisfaction in watching your name appear alongside your article on the webpage. I’ll be honest with you though, and don’t laugh...but the few hours after lunch, between sort of 2 o’clock and 4, I find it SO hard keeping myself awake LOL! I reckon if I wasn’t an intern, all keen and eager to leave a good impression, I’d be hard pushed to resist the overwhelming tug of slumber day in and day out. Seriously, though, aren’t there considerable biological arguments explaining [and in favour of] the need for a siesta? Allow fighting it off, it’s good for health, boosts productivity, refreshes the Lo and behold, PROOF that I’m not designed for work in an office.

Let me know what you think xxx

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