Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tuesday 19th April 2o11

I finished reading “Short Girls” today and while the title suggests a “chick-flick” genre of novel, it is in fact a little gem of a read, albeit undercover (a little tongue-in-cheek, I know). On the surface it tells the story of American-born-and-raised Vietnamese sisters Van and Linny; their lives, careers and relationships, with men, their ageing father and each other. Ultimately, though, it maps the quest of two individuals for their respective identities. While some people have the courage to forge their own identity, it’s often easier to assume the one that your surroundings thrust upon you. Sometimes we forget our individuality to fit the mould society fashions for us – forgo one identity in endeavouring to fit into another. Take the niqab ban imposed in France early last week - forgo your religion if you want to be ‘French’. So Short Girls tells a tale of something the same, girls struggling to reconcile their Vietnamese heritage with the American culture they wish to embrace; it’s enlightening, informative and real.

The highlight of my day was, undoubtedly, taking the early train into Euston and walking through the city in the balmy morning sunshine, with, wait for it, a free Caffe Nero hot choc in hand, from having frequented the coffee shop far too often ;) But dedication clearly pays off, notwithstanding the 9 drinks I had to pay for to get the 10th one free lol. That's not the point, is it? Lunch was no less enjoyable, just being able to step out, bathed in warmth, rather than shuddering from the cold. I took a tentative walk through the Whitecross street market, just a stones throw from the YouGov offices and while it’s relatively small, I was very pleasantly surprised by the hustle-bustle of the London lunchers, the hotch-potch of exotic food and fruit stalls creating for a melting pot of global cuisines. From Caribbean jerk chicken to Thai prawn curry, Mexican fried rice and Italian Pizza Margherita – Hell, even French crêpes, Japanese sushi and your English fish ‘n’ chips – you name it and they got it. Absolutely incredible, I do recommend a visit.

Having been trapped indoors for most of this beautiful day, it's almost home time now and I'm hoping to catch the last of the spring sun before it sets for the day. So, it’s over and out. X

Oh, just one more example by the way of wedding mania gone far too far. I mean, seriously?!

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