Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Making Molehills out of a Mountain

I’ve been housebound for three full days, and finally it seems a(n ever SO tiny, but nonetheless) significant dent has been made in the humongous mound of revision that beckoned. It’s arduous work but I’ve procrastinated as long as I possibly can without being at risk of flunking again. Urgh summer pleeeeease hurry up already! I do feel awfully productive though as I plough my way through the work; being the class-A control freak that I am, I've made a neat list of topics I need to cover and also drawn up a timetable (colour coordinated an all, something I'll inevitably never stick to but seemed a good idea at the time!), making the mountain seem like... well, slightly more manageable molehills if I’m honest. There’s also satisfaction that knows no bounds in ticking off the topics, one by one, as I finish revising them. Therapeutic. Speaking of which, I think an entire 72 hours plus of house-bounded-ness warrants a full day of retail therapy at least? :D Well, I think so. Off to Westfields tomorrow to meet a girly for lunch, and then (it’s not like I can exactly avoid it at a shopping centre?!) shopping with my best friend Rob. It has been a very long time since I’ve aimlessly window-shopped just because I feel like it. So I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

I’ve had very many mixed thoughts lately as you’ve probably gathered. While I try everything within in my means to retain a positive outlook it’s really not so easy to switch off feelings. But life is a book of possibilities, and each day a new page. For the story to progress we must turn the page, taking the past as a premise for our future. So I have been trying to occupy my mind with things that make me feel progressive and productive. Preparing for exams, applying for internships, planning the summer and recreating my blog. I was sat on the garden swing this morning in the sunshine, when a quote I heard a very long time ago popped into my head. It's actually from an Indian TV soap (ask my mum for more details) but it just sums up my endeavour perfectly, in Hindi though, so bear with me :)

It roughly translates to – “Life’s nothing more than a cycle of ups and downs. Regretting the lows and taking for granted the highs are both at odds with human existence. The most important thing, is just to move on...”


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