Monday, 25 April 2011

Qu'est-ce que tu as fait le weekend?

It's another week that's gone by in a flash, and I have to apologise for my slightly sloppy blogging of late - I've been a little distracted as such, as well as racing from job to job 7 days a week. The coming week looks set to be a bit calmer though, promising more time for writing. In the meantime, here are a few things that have been rattling around my brain this Monday....

Tapas. I’m nothing less than enamoured since my first encounter (last week) with the marvellous Spanish cuisine at the rather ripe age of 21. Now, since I haven’t had the time nor means to go hunting for a tapas bar, I decided to make a tortilla de patatas at home for Friday brunch – absolutely delicious! Brunches are by far my favourite meal; the very word has connotations of sociable dining, of cooking and eating with friends and family at the weekend when we have the luxury of time, making for a meal that's leisurely and informal.

Birthday parties. Work was mental yesterday; two tour groups (one from the Czech Republic, the other from South Korea and not a word of English between them) trooped in for breakfast just shy of 8am (on a Sunday, may I add) any many long weekend holiday-makers lounged around the lobby with simultaneous preparations for a grand 18th birthday bash under way upstairs. While the rooms we hire out for functions are the ones used interchangeably for business conferences and meetings, it never fails to amaze me how a little imagination facilitates their complete transformation. Previously for weddings, yesterday for a birthday party, the room looked absolutely beautiful.

Sunshine. I think I need explain this one no further. It has been an unseasonably warm weekend and the joy that comes from revelling in the rays is truly unparalleled. The sun's been beaming all week long from 6am to 9pm and I'm wishing with fingers, toes all crossed that the sunny stretch just continues...:D

The AV Referendum. As a student of politics I feel I would be doing something of a disservice to the discipline in not mentioning the upcoming referendum; the campaign has been somewhat sidelined in the press, what with all the hype and hysteria surrounding the royal wedding and generally, it seems people don’t know (enough) or just don’t care. But the referendum really matters because it’s about the primary point of public participation in politics. When we vote, we entrust somebody with the duty of representing us fairly and accurately in the supreme law-making body of the state. So isn’t it important we instil a system of voting apt in generating a parliament with wide-spread public approval and support? The only newspaper that’s really devoted more column space to campaigning for a more democratic system, than to the marriage of yet another unelected head of state-to-be is the Independent I reckon. They explain the viability of AV methodically, assessing it's merits against the current system and often support it with anecdotes to make understanding clearer. And it does make sense. While I’m not disregarding the No2AV campaign, it’s difficult to see it as anything more that the typical Conservative reaction to any change, in way, shape or form. Conservatism is purely reactionary, they like to preserve the status quo against all odds. But change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Without getting into the nitty gritties, I will refer you onto this link – I think it does pretty well in pulling apart the ‘no’ campaign.

Well, I think that’s me done... I'm off to bask in the sunshine now. I hope you have a wonderful time, whatever you’re doing for the remainder of the weekend x

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