Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday 18th April 2o11

On my mind this week...

Contentment. Despite the sombre tones of yesterday, I am pressing on with the daily grind; in my lighter moments I can wholeheartedly say it’s all worth it, especially this stint at YouGov, that’s increasingly engaging and rewarding. Though I struggled initially to adapt my language, style and tone, I’m becoming more fluent, ‘fluid’ and efficient in my writing. There’s also a certain high in knowing that what I write will be read by many. Lunch was a treat too, an hour well-spent at a trendy Tapas bar – definitely cheered me up.

Being a ‘local’ Londoner. As a young girl, I remember accompanying my mum to the station in the evenings to pick up dad after “work in the city”. And I have since been fascinated by the magical, fantastical domain that is the “city”. With the passing of time, far from being disenchanted, the more I get a taste of the London life, the more of it I want. Went straight to my best friend’s place in Swiss Cottage after work on Friday, and I felt... well, waves of “London-ness”. A comfort in hopping on and off the tube, whether busy or empty, and feeling familiar with it. A desire to ride on it as a local, for shopping, socialising, work and just about everything else. Not only as a commuter.

Human beings. Hundreds and thousands of people sweeping through stations, crowding platforms and cramming into the trains. All coming from somewhere, going somewhere. Each with a past, some experiences and some dreams, aspirations and a family; a story to tell. Yet we travel, sometimes within inches of one another, without uttering even a single word. But though I say nothing, I realise my mind is far from silent. It’s buzzing, thinking a million thoughts, planning the many things to be done and weighing up its responsibilities and burdens. I realise, also, that just what I am doing on the train, in silence, is probably what the next person is doing too. The sheer magnitude of the metropolis is overwhelming; a highly concentrated geographical area of complex human activity and settlement, and their thoughts, fears and worries make for an incredibly dense web of human emotions and interactions. Essentially, we live and fight for the same things; We're all the same. Humbling.

Sarvana Bhavan. For you Indians reading, I think I need say no more. :p Mum and I headed out for dinner on Saturday and I’ve got to say, this restaurant retains its position as my favourite. Though Nando’s and Pizza Express come in as credible runners-up, this one has value for money going for it too. The food is so hearty, spicy and tasty. Try it once, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

And finally. The Royal flipping wedding. I have written around 5 or 6 articles
on it so far, and devoured just about EVERY ‘scoop’ on the nuptials next week. I’M SICK OF IT!!!! Until last Monday, I'd made quite a success of avoiding the wedding hysteria and hype like the plague. Alas, I’m deep, deep in the dreaded details now, for no turning back. Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to weddings at all... but why a country who most of the time has no regard for its monarchy has suddenly gone into frenzy is just beyond me to digest. So I’m not even gonna try.

....Well I think I’m about done. Good evening to y’all. xxx

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