Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wednesday 9th March 2o11

I'd say that waking up, rather than being woken up is one of the greatest luxuries in life; to open your eyes to the sunshine, slowly, remembering to yourself that last night was a beautiful one, as opposed to a ringing alarm or bellowing mother, forcing you bolt upright, eyes sorely peeled open. I rose today at my own leisure, sunshine streaming in through the window and washing over me with warmth, dispelling every last drop of darkness from the room. And I must say it has really been a while since I felt so happy.

Something that caught my eye in the papers yesterday - don't get me wrong, I have no interest in nor patience for the royal wedding but this picture really does seem far removed from all the formality that goes with the monarchy.

The caption beneath read "Kate cuddles into her prince.." For us girls brought up watching Disney movies (tales of impossibly romantic love that conquers all distance and difference, sagas of Prince Charmings that travel seven seas, climb tall towers or wait 100 years trapped in the body of a frog) it is difficult not to hope or imagine that for us too, a prince will show. For Miss Middleton, the fantasy has become her reality, a prince she can call her own. But maybe we don't all want a prince, just a man that will make us his princess, love and cherish us for who we are...What more?

Today was for chilling at a familiar coffee house in a familiar city...watched a nasty little movie called “The Resident” (scared me bloody s***less, keep checking around the apartment that nobody is there!) cooked up some dinner... and soon time for bed I think.

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