Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wednesday 16th March 2o11

They say that the truth only means something when it’s difficult to admit. So. Point 2 of Plan A.

2. From now on I’m going to tell the truth, no matter what, no matter why, when and to whom. Those of you who are “Asian” or know anything of us will know that it’s quite a big deal to have a non-Asian boyfriend. In some households the consequence is worse than others, but those of you who know me, know how lovely my parents are. I wrongly pre-empted their reaction, so filled with fear of introducing them to my boyfriend that ANYTHING seemed better than telling the truth. But it’s tiring, constantly keeping separate two parts of my life so equally important to me, yet totally oblivious to one another. Enough said.

In-keeping with the tone of my second “resolution”, it’s time for reconciliation and repentance, to make amends and in a sense redeem myself for my wrongdoings - I feel almost like my relationships need a “spring clean” lol. So, quite a plan for tomorrow... but today was one for cooking a lovely meal for my parents, a heart-to-heart with mum, a(nother) country walk and maybe a gazillion job/internship applications! I mean if ima get this new place of mine guess I’m gonna have to get my groove on.And soon.


Oh, something that caught my eye a while back. Beautiful slide show, wonderful message.

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