Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday 27th March 2o11

So I was reading the news rather late last night when I came across this article; I have to admit I actually refreshed the page just to confirm that my tired mind wasn’t imagining this ludicrous story – artificial clouds?! Mr Sepp Blatter, you're prepared to turn a blind eye to the inhospitable climate of Qatar, you will consider changing the tournament date to December 2022 to bypass the issue (and you even ignored some compelling bids from other passionate footballing nations *ehem.*) But how can you possibly justify manufacturing clouds at a cost of £310k each when you had a choice of...well, another 191 nations (theoretically)that could just as well have hosted the 2022 World Cup. Where's the economic and environmental sense of it? Beats me.

I totally forgot that the clocks went forward last night. Well I didn't forget exactly - I was subconsciously aware it was going to happen but secretly wishing it wouldn't, that hour of sleep I lost was so goddamn precious lol! I was up until quite late chatting with my boyf and I’m paying the price now. Feel so dopey, was half asleep at work and managed to bash my head on a granite counter top corner on my way up from crouching. Nice. Got a lovely red bump on my forehead to show for it, I look like a bit of an idiot if I'm honest. Work was not SO bad today but I can bet a million pounds the hotel has never EVER been cleaner. Hard work! It’s been another gorgeous day outside though I have to say the spirits are still a bit low. It’s been a long time missing somebody and some days it’s tough finding the motivation to get up and get on.

Tell you what caught my eye, there’s a rather wonderful writer by the name of Paulo Coelho (I’m sure you’ve heard of him) and his blog’s a bit of a treasure trove for some-one like me, filled with some profoundly inspirational stories, quotes, ideas etc. This one is nice –

It’s so true, when the balance is not right it’s often difficult for friendships and relationships to sustain. I’d say in some cases I have the balance wrong too, like with my parents from whom I just take, take and take. Maybe it’s time to give something back too.


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  2. interesting bout qatar, haha



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