Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thursday 17th March 2o11

So it literally feels like I’m making a million job/placement applications every single day, yet to get even one response though. Hmmm. Not a happy bunny. However, one step closer to an apartment of my own so that’s good news. True to my resolution I feel like I have spent some time doing something for others today. Made some music CDs for my mum to listen to in the car, cooked an Indo-Chinesey Hakka-Noodley type dish for my family’s dinner, rather tasty if I may say so. Scrubbed clean my house (top-to-toe, three floors tall just so you know :p), spent a good hour catching up with a great friend on the phone and then the pièce de la résistance... Oh là là! Don’t be droolin’, coz you ain’t gettin’ none!

What else have I done...had a check up visit to the doctor’s, got roped into talking to an NSPCC representative en route (how the hell you’re meant to avoid these guys when they talk at you, in front of you and block you from walking ahead, beats me!) Anyway, nice guy and bloody good at his job too, CLEARLY, seeing as he managed to make me feel guilty for my “indulgent” Caffè Nero dates L “Come on, you are such a lovely girl, surely you can give up one coffee a month to save a poor innocent child from abuse...?” Well, seeing as I’m “lovely” I wasn’t exactly going to be the Scrooge and say no now, was I lol?! Sly I tell you.

Quite honestly I feel like I’m in a relationship with my laptop these days. Almost every waking moment spent by my laptop's side, either job searching or uni work, youtubing or applying for internships, but above all emailing and talking with the boyfriend. We talk on and off all day, everyday, not because we have to but probably just because we want to, because I miss him that much. As far as an LDR goes I suppose it doesn’t get better than what we have. When I need him he’s a phone-call away, when I just want to chat he’s an email away. He does all he can to stop me from feeling alone...But even then, even then, it’s not the same.

I can only hope to see him soon.

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