Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuesday 22nd March 2o11

I love Tuesdays – mum’s day off work so it's normally packed full with girly antics; gossip, shopping, cooking, movies or just chilling, often an awful lot of chores but they don’t seem half as bad when you’ve got good company. Mums...mums, they’re just so special aren’t they. From the time we start learning to walk mum is the one who picks us up each time we fall, brushes off our hurt, puts us on our feet and help us on our way again. And today, 21 years later she goes on doing exactly the same thing, loving us selflessly without considering whether we deserve it and never expecting anything in return. Without a shadow of a doubt my mum is my absolutely best friend; she’s aware of every minute of my life, my every pain, every achievement and every mistake. Every problem, every secret and every friend. Mum knows. Today I showed her the apartment that I like – all she had to say was that if it makes me happy, she's happy.

Lol, SO, mum’s been talked over now, (slightly stricter, slightly sterner) dad’s turn tonight :/ Wish me luck :D It feels a little like life is in limbo... but I guess good things come to those who wait.

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