Saturday, 5 March 2011

Saturday 5th March 2o11

I woke up today with the weirdest sensation. I knew my eyes had opened mid-dream but neither could I remember the dream, nor my reality. I didn’t know who I was, where I was, how I should be feeling or what to be thinking. I felt like I was floating in nothingness, no happiness nor pain, neither negativity nor positivity; an equilibrium filled with peace, a calmness, not the fear I thought one might associate with lack of identity.

Too bad it didn’t last very long, soon remembered I’d had an argument with somebody last night...even more annoyed when I looked at the time to realise I was awake a whole hour before I had to be (4 bloody 30 am!) So I decided to take a jog, been rather unwell of late and it must be centuries since I last felt like it. The faster I ran the further I relapsed into my state of obliviousness, free from all troubles and worries. I just ran, and I just ran.

Kind of regret it now because when I say centuries, I mean centuries – I'm so unfit, I kid you not! Legs feel like jelly, just finished a 9 hour shift at the hotel and I’m dead. Work cheered me up though, had a rowdy crowd of 30 rugby players in for an impromptu breakfast (literally pinching bacon and sausages on their way past), rather funny. This was followed by setting up for a wedding – yup, some luuuucky woman got hitched today. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the hotel looked once the decoration was complete; to transform a conference suite into a woman’s white wedding fantasy is no menial feat – but I think we did good!

Et alors, je suis à la maison chilling and all. Made me some delicious, yummy oozing chocolatey cookies, mmmmmmm! Speaking of cookies, it simply can’t be the case that a weekend pass by in the Ramanuj household and our gorgeous little neighbour doesn’t turn up, defiantly banging on the door and demanding his cookies (pictured on the right devouring a sandwich). I have often been quite sternly told off for eating “his” cookies LOL :D So hopefully the little man might drop by tomorrow.

Well time now for a niiiiiiiiiiiice long bath, some Facebooking and a sneaky night out ;) Catch y’all later! xx

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