Saturday, 26 March 2011

Saturday 26th March 2o11

It's been absolutely manic at work. Hustle, bustle and jostle in every direction, a constant flurry of activity with everybody fixing and mending, painting and sorting, cleaning and tidying. Word has it that the bosses of the bosses, top dogs of the Rezidor group of hotels (includes all the Radisson Blus, Country Inns etc) are dropping by for a night or two next week. Y’know, only to discern whether service standards are high enough, how to attract and retain customers and what can be done to boost business in the future. As they do. No biggie.

I wish. It’s a biggie alright, everyone’s on edge like a ticking time bomb and SO stressed out! Now, on top of all the breakfasts, lunches, dinners, banquets, conferences, meetings, parties and the rest of it, it's a case of making every inch of the Park Inn absolutely brand-spankingly shiny and spotless. Just in case the CEO runs his finger along a skirting board in the store cupboard and announces promptly that business is slow because we didn’t clean it properly. Sure. :/ That’s all fine if there’s enough staff to do the job; my manager rather kindly left a large list of odd jobs to be done after regular breakfast service was finished...only I was alone and had to simultaneously serve in the restaurant and the bar, look after room-service orders, attend to 25 people in one of the conference suites upstairs and supervise the work-men/contractors (doesn’t help when one of them keeps coming back for coffee every fifteen minutes, telling you that you “look like a beautiful Spanish girl” – I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!). I think you’ve probably gathered I’m just a teeny bit stressed. And wound up. Really annoys me that the team at reception desk also think it’s okay to call every five minutes, “Can you take an ironing board to room 202?”, “Can you check the air conditioning in the conference suite?”, “Can you...?”. NO, I bloody well can’t because you’re sitting there doing nothing! Lock your till and go do it yourself! Grrrrr. I’m just going to take a deeeeeeeeeeeep breath...and I’m okay now. Sometimes I wish life would slow down a little. Rather than worrying and rushing my way through the day, I want to relish the routines and find time to relax. But as some wise man said it, life is like a race and unfortunately those who don’t run fast enough just get left behind.

It's another beautiful day weather-wise. Not sunny but cloudy and warm with heavy, expectant skies. Almost like India during the monsoons, my favourite season of all. Perfect for a bike ride. Time for chillaxation now, a good long shower and some fast-food for dinner. Happy Saturday to you all and those of you spending it with your boyfriend/girlfriend are very lucky indeed. Enjoy

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