Thursday, 10 March 2011

Thursday 10th March 2o11

Thursday already, another weekend soon on its way. Someone said it well, time and tide wait for no man. If you want to do something, do it now. If you want to say something, say it now. If you want to change something, change it now. Time is running on I tell you, it feels like just yesterday that I spent the last few minutes of 2010 with my boyfriend. And look it's mid-March already, as though I blinked and time moved on.

It’s been a brilliant week so far, busy just as I like it but I'm definitely looking forward to staying in tonight as my parents are home – brought me back some yummy biscuits from Gibraltar, so am a happy bunny. There’s an Indian television soap I rather enjoy watching; it’s been a fair few days since I had the chance to catch up on it, so it looks like my evening with the V+ box is set! It tells the touching story of an orphaned girl taken in by her uncle and evil aunty, denied the right to any affection or education whatsoever. She grows up to become a very meek girl, but one who still loves and serves others selflessly. Unfortunately when she’s “married off”, she faces rejection once more, this time from her husband who taunts her for her lack of education and simplistic lifestyle.

Based on reality to some extent I guess it works as an eye-opener, that what we readily take for granted as a “right” in this country is still just a dream for many others.

If any of you are wondering and waiting for the sunshine... well I think I have remembered where it hides. :D Absolutely magical world above the clouds, the light is so bright, so pure. Fortunately for me it looks like I might be making quite a lot of journeys by plane this year - family holiday, booked! Girly holiday, will soon be booked! Hoping to make that trip to my grandparents some point soon as well. Goodnight good peoples xx

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