Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday 6th March 2o11

Grrrrr it should be against the law to get any less than 7 hours sleep... unbelievably early morning after a ridiculously late night, I sooo need some sleep! Woke up at 6 to get to work for 7, a little respite on the work front would have been appreciated, as it so happens the hotel was insanely busy. Typical. I do like Sundays at work though. Sundays have a calm about them giving time for rest and relaxation and most people staying at the hotel are young families or couples chilling together after a late night out.

Traditionally it is also a day for family and church – each week we have a group called “Celebrate Church” hire out 3 conference suites; the largest for Sunday service, second for confessions and Bible-led counselling and guidance and the third for use as a crèche. Though I'm not one for religion, I am somewhat humbled by the sense of community these people share. They come together not because they have to but because they want to; diverse in age, colour, race, origin – they are still one. And that’s valuable, a sense of belonging; as long as it doesn’t become “exclusive” perhaps there is more to be gained than lost from believing. The sermons themselves are rather nice too – not “preaching” as sceptics might presume, just straightforward messages. Have the courage to be a good person, give love and share all that you have. Makes for simple hearing but in truth choosing the right path rather than the easy one, and thinking for others, not just yourself requires real strength of character.

Got home and took a lovely long walk with mum in the sunshine, have since been making applications for summer internships and “freelance” political blogging. I guess no matter how long and difficult the road ahead, the journey will always begin with just one small step. So here’s to mine :D Monday morning has rolled round once more, wishing you all a great week.

P.S. Nothing like some home-made samosas to fire you up for the week! Hehehe, thank God for mums ey! ;)

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