Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tuesday 8th March 2o11

I won't lie yeah, but some days I actually feel like I am super woman. Often being pushed to the limits of our endurance is when we women realise our true strength - we imagine we would have succumbed an age ago but in fact the elastic band of our tolerance stretches further than we ever hoped. Yesterday was definitely one of those "superwoman" moments. Technically, Monday is my day off from both work and university but more often than not it works out to be the busiest day of the week. Parents seen off to the airport. Done. Driving lesson. Dusted. Household chores. Done. Stack of Chappatis made (by "little mummy”) for the brother. Dusted. Audition in London. Done. Packing. Dusted. Late-night shift at work. DONE.

Phhhhhew! And you'd think I'd reward myself with a good long night's sleep... Alas! One day is just merging into the next, a continuum that never seems to end and here I am now writing down my thoughts. Today was always going to be a beautiful one, why so...well that's going to have to be my little secret. Above all however it was my parents' 27th wedding anniversary so congratulations (and bravo lol!) to them on completing a long journey together, although my friends I think it is still a long way they have to travel yet. As a spectator of the closest sort on their marriage I can say that they've finally reached a place nothing short of perfect - they have developed understanding over the years, affection, care, trust and memories that belong to them alone. They have been through every sunny and rainy phase of life, weathered and seasoned together. Now life has a rhythm and they have a routine in which they are incomplete without one another. When the going gets tough, which one of us doesn’t want to run? But a marriage takes more courage than that, it takes a man and a woman committed to resolving anything and everything in order to stay together. And my mother...my word, my mother. Beautiful, resilient and the most selfless human being I know, she has put her whole life and soul into her marriage, her home and her children.So here's to them, and another 27 years of their life.

Oh and whilst I remember, one more wish for that list of mine ;) When I was flying over to Stockholm, happened to glimpse a delightful little island that I now WANT! More tomorrow! xx

P.S. Just wanted “Tangled”...ahh, good old-fashioned love, a la Walt Disney. Perhaps it will turn out that I too am a long lost princess, might make that wish list slightly more achievable? Maybe...? :D

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