Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday 21st March 2o11

As it happens my placement’s been postponed for a week :/ No biggie though, s’pose I could very much use the time for house hunting and job searching. Had another viewing today of an average one-bed studio but my word, in such a wonderfully convenient location; five minutes to town, three minutes to the station and across the road from where I work – bingo. It’s rather annoying because properties in the area are hugely in demand and snapped up ridiculously quickly, so if you see something you like you gotta move at the speed of lightning. I was so tempted to just pay the deposit and get my little place of peace... but then I remembered resolution number 2. No more lies? Guess that includes half truths and late truths too, so the plan is to talk the parents over tonight and hopefully see to securing the place tomorrow. Touch wood.

I actually love Watford. It’s a “city” outside the city, lively, bustling, great quantity and quality of career options and handy transport links to all over the country. Best shopping centre for miles around but if that’s not enough, deep sigh of relief, Westfield’s is just 2 stops down on the Overground. Quite a nice afternoon spent fantasizing about “my” flat and gorging on pick ‘n’ mix as I ambled slowly through town in the glorious sunshine, warm enough that I actually had to take my coat off – unbelievable! Something that caught (or rather disgusted) my eye today are these space-suity jackets (images below for your perusal) - what's with them!? Quite honestly if anybody wears one of these thinking they are even vaguely fashionable they might as well take off to another planet anyway. SO distasteful yet men, woman and children alike seem to be donning these tin-foil wrapped quilty duvet things. Yuckkk. People should also know that they reflect enough light to blind anyone walking behind or towards them. NOT cool.

I’ll tell you what’s really niggling at my mind today though. So, you know, this whole LDR thing (YES I know I do seem to go on about it a bit but let me just finish...) Well, it’s been a fair while now and though the emptiness hasn’t lessened one might say that I’ve grown accustomed to it. But this is the trouble – when couples live close to one another or together, one can gage the other’s mood instantaneously, often just by reading facial expression and sensing the atmosphere; tired worried or just in a plain bad mood – no problem, you’ve got a heads up. But when you’re 800 miles apart, how on earth are you meant to know when’s a good time to talk and when isn’t or whether your partner’s silence is tiredness, worry or something else? We all have good days and bad; understanding, accepting and internalising another person’s moods 24 bloody 7 is tough enough already – but virtually impossible when all you have to go on are emails and texts! L

The woes of real life ey.

"I'd give all wealth that years have piled, the slow result of life's decay,
To be once more a little child for one bright summer day..."

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