Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday 13th March 2o11

I envy those who have the leisure of a free and...well, leisurely weekend after a full week – I always find Friday to Monday is when I am busiest despite a relatively busy week too! 2 x 9 hour shifts at work done, and I am knackered! Regular Sunday, y’know, two events and breakfast to look after alone. But OH WELL, I'm ouuuutta there, home and comfy in my PJs now so who cares lol?! Spent some time job-searching when I got in, turns out Travelex are recruiting quite a bit (who in heaven’s name has the money to be globetrotting in the “current economic climate” I don’t know, but the job sounds rather fun). Fingers crossed!

A little something I thought I’d share wit’ ya, a book I finished reading today. On the surface it’s just a regular romantic thriller type novel, an absurdly dreamy story about a Hollywood superstar who falls in love with a plain-Jane. You get the picture and while I LOVE romances in any way, shape or form (as anyone who knows me, knows this) I wouldn’t bother selling it to you if it were “good” for this reason alone. What I like about it is that if you dig a little deeper, there’s an awful lot more to be said. The story explores the depth of a woman’s love and loyalty, what her man means to her and what it takes to make her leave. While most would assume that staying with an abusive man indicates a woman’s weakness, it is more often a sign of her strength and his weakness. It also forces the reader to deliberate on the multiple facets of human personality, how easy it is to put on a show for the outside world, yet equally difficult to hide yourself, your weaknesses and fears from those who love you. Rather deep.

One delightful hour of gossiping with one of my girlies, a huge comfort meal of jacket potatoes an’ TONS of cheese and my lovely cozy, toasty dressing gown LATER, I feel grand. Best wishes for the week ahead!

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