Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday 20th March 2o11

Ohhh I wanna to go back to bed :( woke up after just 4 hours sleep at some ridiculous time before even the sun decides to get up. Not fair. Bit of a tired, troubled mind, thoughts today are rolling something like this...

Disadvantages of work = early start, tiring job and less than satisfactory hourly wage. Advantages of work = early (start means early) finish, money each month, delicious food for free (see my breakfast buffet set up on the left... looks kind of appetizing no?), friendly colleagues and space/trust to get on with my work, unlike many retail chains nowadays where I swear the supervisor to employee ratio is 1:1 – a CONSTANT big brother style surveillance (dare stop and chat with a colleague, you may as well bid farewell to your job). Fortunately for me I was trained up and now I'm just left to go about my work in my own way. So on balance I s’pose the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Another great thing is that as I potter around the hotel there are numerous conveniently located HD screens, making for excellent "background noise” as you can imagine. When there's a sporting event, I watch it, when there's news, I know it...when there’s nothing, well, then there's always Friends :) It’s excellent for me as a politics student, always nicely up to date with the news and indirectly almost paid for being so. Score. Leads me smoothly to the next bone I want to pick – the news!

News, the bloomin' news, known synonymously these days as "Libya”. Or “Japan” of course. So correct me if I'm mistaken but basically there's a monster called Gaddafi who wants to hold onto power at any cost; doesn't mind being hated, branded delusional, killing his own people or creating enmity with the world, so long as he remains in charge. Or thinks he's in charge. Hmmm. Now this is puzzling. Why? Seriously, why? I mean even if the guy was selfish and self-centred, sooner or later his ego, if not his conscience should rebuke him - who wants to become a hate figure?! Strange, strange man.

Finally home from work and my warm, comfy bed is still taunting, teasing and tempting me – lo and behold, a mountain of work to be done before I can get into it. My work placement with YouGov begins tomorrow and I CANNOT wait. Some more jobs I’d like to apply for as well and a yummy pesto pasta coming up for dinner. Cooking for friends and family has got to be one of the greatest pleasures in life. Off I go xxx

Oh yeah, I promised you step 3 of my “Plan A” didn’t I? Where did we get to...1. New house. 2. No lies. 3. Time to buck up on the studies. Exams in under 3 months, I think I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally need to pull my socks up. An hours reading CONFIRMED tonight. I promise. Promise. Check up on me tomorrow. :D It’s a promise.

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